Before Buying, Do 10 Tips on How to Check Used Phone Worth Using


Although the price of cellphones on the market varies greatly, it can even be said to be cheap, but there are still people who are interested in used cellphones. Apart from being cheap, some used cellphones are considered to have good performance. So, it can still be used for communication and surfing the internet. 

The question is, how do you know if a used cellphone is still good or not? Don't worry, you can use the following tips so that you won't regret it after buying a used cellphone. Check out the following review!

how to check used phone before buying

how to check used phone before buying

1. Check the HP Body as a whole

Whether or not a used cellphone is good can be checked through the body of the cellphone itself. If there are no defects, scratches, or cracks, chances are the cellphone is still good. However, beware of the HP body that has been replaced.

This replacement will automatically make the cellphone look new, even though the original is already damaged. Identifying it is very difficult, so you can directly ask the owner. 

2. Used HP equipment

Next is the completeness of the HP itself. Starting from the charger, headset, HP box, anti-scratch, battery, and casing. Is everything still original or not, ask this to the owner.

If HP equipment has been replaced, it is very likely that the replacement item is not the original one. Usually the price of HP is also cheaper. If the owner sets a high price, you can immediately bargain or cancel the purchase.

3. Check the HP seals that are sold

Checking this seal is intended to find out whether the used cellphone has been serviced or not. If so, it means that there has been significant damage. As a potential buyer, you should ask for the damaged part.

If it's an IC or LCD that is damaged, it's better not to buy a used cellphone. It is very likely that the same damage will occur in the future. Instead of wanting to buy a cheap cellphone, you have to spend more money to repair the damage that may arise after several months of use.

4. Ask the type of HP and check the specifications

The current form of HP is almost the same, so try asking the owner of the type of HP. After that, check the overall HP specifications, such as RAM, camera, operating system, memory, to battery capacity. 

Compare the price of a used cellphone with a new cellphone of the same type and specifications. If the price is not much different, it's better to buy a new cellphone. You can also get an official guarantee for 1-2 years from the manufacturer or shop.

5. Test the feature on a used cellphone

The feature trial is intended to determine the overall performance of the HP, whether it is slow or still fast like a new cellphone. Try running several applications at once, then try the camera, music, and check the internet connection.

If everything is still okay, the price is also reasonable, you can buy it right away. No need to wait long because there are many buyers who want the product. Instead of running out, better buy now.

6. Test the signal quality

Signals are no less crucial in buying a used cellphone. Without a good or stable signal, the function of the cellphone itself can be said to be non-existent because this signal facilitates long-distance communication.

Make sure the operator name appears with the signal, whether it's HSPA, 3G, or 4G. If everything is in good condition, buying a used cellphone is certainly profitable, especially if the body, specifications, and accessories are still original.

7. Check boot capability

Booting is the length of the loading process required by electronic devices to turn on and can be used normally. If the boot process is an old used cellphone, there is a possibility that the memory is full. So, the memory must be reset, then the application is downloaded again so that the cellphone can function properly.

If the boot goes well, you can immediately send an SMS or try a phone call to see if it comes in or not. Then, use earphones to test the sound clarity of the used cellphone.

8. Check the IMEI number

how to check used phone before buying

IMEI is an identity number, in the form of a special number issued by the GSMA on each GSM card slot produced by the HP manufacturer itself. IMEI will be integrated directly with the signal to access the registered network.

In short, IMEI is like an identity card or KTP. If the cellphone you want to buy is not equipped with an IMEI number, it can be said that the cellphone was purchased illegally or is an illegal item. 

9. Check the authenticity of the used HP

Genuine or not an HP can be known by checking the OS or ROM on the HP. In addition, you can also check through the logo of the HP manufacturer in question. For example, the apple logo for the Apple brand.

To be even more secure, you can look for tips on differentiating original and replica cellphones through articles or video reviews on Youtube. This way, you can anticipate yourself from rogue sellers who want to make big profits.

10. Old or remaining warranty

And the last one is the old or the rest of the warranty. If the HP is still under warranty, it is very reasonable if the price is not much different. Especially if the rest of the warranty is 9 or 10 months than it should be 12 months.

To check the reasonableness of the price from the seller, you can check the new HP price and check the points above. If the price is $49.06, for example, and the condition is still very good, buying a used cellphone is certainly very profitable.

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Do not be tempted by cheap prices

Price is not always the benchmark when buying a used cellphone. Even the price is cheap, but if it's a replica cellphone, incomplete accessories, and lots of scratches, what is it for? It's better to add a little more, you can buy a quality new cellphone and it's still guaranteed. Consider carefully before buying HP. Better, buy a cellphone that really suits your needs, so that the cellphone can be useful.