7 best social networks for business

best social networks for business

best social networks for business - Consistency is very important, in any field, it is absolutely owned by every business person. In an effort to accelerate business using social media platforms, consistency in social media posts will gradually have a very positive impact on the business being run.

The market will make social media a trusted source of information and business referrals. When they have made social media a role model in their business, then it's just one step away from moving them to become customers or users of your product/service.

The right description might be like waiting for your favorite magazine to be published within a certain period of time, for example your favorite magazine is published bi-monthly.

What do you feel? Of course, feeling impatient waiting for the next edition, what stories will be in the latest edition, what articles will be covered, what news will be featured.

But no matter how much your curiosity swells, you remain patient waiting for it, because you realize when it's time to publish, the magazine will also reach your hands.

Imagine if your business's social media is like your favorite magazine. Many people are looking forward to the content you create, many people are curious about your next business social media post.

In this new era of social media, it is not enough to just create good content, but also to share it on social media. The point is, you have to optimize all existing social media platforms.

best social networks for business

Indeed, not all social media is suitable for use for business or marketing a product or service, but there is no harm in trying all social media platforms, until you find a suitable platform.

In the following, we will describe in depth one by one the social media that are happening, or are widely used by business people, both at the startup level, and entrepreneurs who are already established in running their business.


Google+ is a social media platform created by Google, as part of the giant Google group, of course your posts will appear in Google's search engine. A little tip, if you want to reach a wider audience, use hashtags (#) in every post you make.

How it works, if a user searches for something related to the hashtag you posted, they will be directed to your page. Interesting right?


Instagram is a place to share photo and video uploads to our followers or followers on Instagram.

This platform allows us to visually spoil our content viewers and followers through photos or videos that we can synergize with the words that support the upload.

Always create interesting and creative business promotion content. Always remember to use hashtags, which work in a similar way as hashtags on Google+, will make us gain more followers.


Linkedin is primarily used by professional business networks, this social media platform allows its users to share links and information with their professional colleagues.

Although Linkedin is indeed difficult to market a certain product or service, Linkedin is very good if we want to expand our business or network, because this platform allows us to get to know other business people who are in the same business world.


Twitter is a very open social media platform, like a blog but limited to 140 characters. Although the main posts on Twitter are in the form of text, it is possible to share photos and videos.

The advantage of Twitter is that you can interact directly with other users, and can link each post with other social media platforms related to your business.

A few tips for producing quality content are, create interesting hashtags, simple captions but invite people's curiosity. This will be very useful if used as a reference in developing our marketing content on Twitter.


Facebook is a place to share things about life, news links, photos and videos. Optimize Facebook as a place to interact with customers. Facebook also allows us to create a "Facebook Fanpage" which is usually a place to share everything related to business.

Actually, many people think that Facebook Fanpage is more devoted to building the image of a company than the image of the product or service it produces, but this opinion is a little blurry with the presence of Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are a solution for those of you who want to promote a product or service that you have created, disseminate your propaganda, even targets based on age, demographics, and other criteria you can easily include in your Facebook Ads marketing targets, this is to prevent the ad you are showing is misdirected.


Tumblr is a social media platform where you can share everything from photos, posts, videos, and music. Users can create pages, repost other people's blogs or works into personal pages, users can combine all of that content with their own content.


Youtube is a dedicated platform for sharing videos. Youtube is very interesting, if it is used as an addition to introduce about a business and product/service, tell me about the advantages of that business and product/service. Use hashtags to reach more customers and expand market share. Also check out the guides and tips for making vlogs for beginners.

If you are new to exploring social media in an effort to accelerate business development, posting multiple things at once on all the social media platforms you have, may be very tiring and time-consuming.

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You need something that can help to post at once on multiple social media of your business, with a neat and well-coordinated schedule. There are several websites that can help you achieve this, including Hootsuite.com and CoSchedule.com.

You can associate your business's social media accounts with the app, and can schedule your posts.

Hootsuite is optimal when paired with Twitter, while Scheduler gives you a lot of convenience in managing all your social media posting schedules. Take advantage of the free trial services in both applications, which will really help you find which platform is suitable and able to meet your business expectations and goals.

Use social media as an effort to increase the number of sales and achieve a much better business. Especially if you are able to implement a social media engagement strategy.

Although research and research confirms that social media is still under marketing via email in terms of effectiveness, there is nothing wrong with using all existing channels, for the sake of progress and continuity of the business that we are starting.