20 companies with the best social media presence


Ranking The best companies in the field of SMM and social media advertising: planning and conducting advertising campaigns in social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Odnoklassniki, etc.), developing creative solutions and creating content, placing targeted advertising, creation and development of branded groups, attracting users to communities, interactive and support.

companies with the best social media presence

companies with the best social media presence


Digital agency WGG develops and implements complex strategies for the presence of brands in social networks (SMM), setting up targeted and contextual advertising, as well as automating business processes.


Ingate is one of the largest players in the digital marketing market. The company specializes in integrated marketing in the digital environment, develops and implements complex strategies to attract customers, increases brand awareness, and increases audience loyalty.


iConText is one of the largest Russian agencies in the field of Internet marketing: contextual and display advertising, search engine optimization of sites, marketing and targeted advertising in social networks, analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns and improving the efficiency of Internet resources.


Performance-marketing agency E-Promo develops and implements advertising strategies based on a data-driven marketing approach. The company is engaged in the placement of display and contextual advertising, organizes targeted campaigns in social networks and on mobile devices, and carries out search engine optimization.


Digital agency "Blondinka.Ru" implements complex digital strategies and provides services for maintaining and optimizing advertising campaigns on the Internet. The company uses a unique technology for managing contextual and display advertising in the largest search engines Yandex and Google, places targeted advertising on social networks VKontakte and Facebook, as well as on such large platforms as YouTube, OZON and others.


The agency is one of the leaders in the Internet marketing market, specializing in services in the field of search engine promotion in Yandex and Google systems, media and contextual advertising, complex marketing in social networks.


Rocket10 agency is engaged in mobile marketing, develops and implements strategies for promoting mobile applications and brands on the largest advertising platforms, as well as on social networks.


CreativePeople creative agency is one of the leading companies in the field of web development and is engaged in the design, development and support of Internet projects, as well as branding and creation of creative advertising concepts.

Eventum Premo

For over 17 years, Eventum Premo has been one of the leaders in corporate and marketing communications. The agency specializes in organizing and conducting large-scale events, creating installations and spatial integrations, PR and support for participation in exhibitions, promotion in the digital environment.

Demis Group

The Demis Group agency is one of the largest players on the Russian market in the field of Internet marketing: website development and promotion, placement of contextual and display advertising, improving the selling qualities of websites, reputation management and SMM.


NETPEAK is one of the largest Internet marketing agencies providing professional services in the field of contextual advertising and search engine promotion of sites and applications.

Artox Media Digital Group

Internet advertising agency AMDG provides a full range of services for the successful development and promotion of business on the Internet - search engine optimization and contextual advertising, reputation management and marketing in social networks, video advertising on YouTube, etc.


A full-service digital agency "Nectarine", the main activity of which is the implementation of complex advertising campaigns on the Internet, as well as the development of web projects, mobile applications and viral videos.

Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a leading Russian consulting agency specializing in marketing research, strategy development and digital marketing. More than 400 successful projects in Russia and abroad. Clients are major international brands, Russian companies, ministries and departments.


One of the first Russian agencies to create websites and advertise on the Internet. Today the company is one of the leaders in the digital communications industry.

Sidorin Lab

The main activities of the Sidorin Lab agency are integrated Internet marketing, SMM and reputation management; development, search engine optimization and promotion of Internet resources. The company has established itself in the market as a leader in the field of reputation management when working with large brands, media and political figures.


A full range of services in the field of marketing and PR in social media: development and promotion of communities (SMM); placement of targeted advertisements and publications in groups; conducting contests, monitoring and working with reputation (SERM), viral campaigns.


DIVICO produces video content for the digital environment - from scripts and creative to filming and post-production; from developing digital presence strategies to promoting content and launching viral advertising campaigns.

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COMUNICA creative agency offers effective solutions for business promotion using integrated PR and New Media tools, is engaged in research and strategic consulting in the field of intracorporate communications and PR in all types of media.

Traffic Isobar

The digital agency Traffic Isobar provides clients with a full range of services for the development and implementation of complex integrated digital communications.


PR and Consulting Agency "Primum" works in the field of corporate and financial communications, specializes in strategic consulting, media communications and public relations; is engaged in information support of investment transactions.