How to open an electric scooter rental : expert advice

How to open an electric scooter rental

electric scooter rental business

On the streets of large cities you can often meet people on scooters - large companies have organized whole services for this, created cool applications that provide customers with round-the-clock technical support. It may seem that the niche is occupied and it is almost impossible to compete with the giants.

Despite the many proposals in this area, there are still promising scooter rental options and business ideas that can bring profit. For example:

  • organize rentals in cities on the periphery of the country, where retailers did not have time to reach;
  • launch a transport service for children;
  • sell unusual electric vehicles for rent - with a comfortable seat, large wheels, lighting.

It is best to open in large parks, not far from attractions and recreation areas. You can work without an application - many are afraid or do not know how to use online payments, but they will gladly take transport for cash.

In parallel with the electric scooter rental business, some entrepreneurs offer customers additional services - purchase, repair, painting. To select a successful idea, it is important to carefully analyze the market and the needs of the audience.

What features of a scooter rental business need to be considered

Regardless of the planned scale of the project, you need to take into account possible disadvantages and difficulties:

  1. High competition. This is especially true for megacities. In order to bypass your rivals, you need to come up with a unique offer, choose a narrow niche or target audience. You can establish cooperation with popular hotels in the city, country recreation centers, which will be able to offer guests a convenient rental.
  2. Regular repair costs. Any vehicle wears out and requires replacement of parts - battery, wheels, brakes, footboards. When thinking about how to open an electric scooter rental, consider the likelihood of falls, accidents, vandalism. Inexperienced users can completely break the scooter and it will be impossible to restore it. Be sure to plan for this expense item.
  3. Difficulties with clients. Based on the previous paragraph, it is imperative to draw up a clear lease agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the lessor and the client. Be sure to consider how to prevent and compensate in advance for the likelihood of serious damage to your vehicle. For example, set the amount of the deposit, which is not refundable in the event of a breakdown due to the fault of the client.
  4. Seasonality. The popularity of scooters grows in the warm season - electric vehicles are not suitable for driving on ice and snow. Accordingly, it is possible to launch a scooter rental and start a business only from the end of March or the beginning of April, depending on the region of Russia.

Other difficulties may arise. For example, you need to hire a person who will be constantly at the rental and issue and receive transport. Or develop an application. But this option is justified only if the plans include a large-scale development of the project. Plus, you will need to purchase special electric scooters equipped with electronic chips to track your location.

What it takes to open a scooter rental as a business

What it takes to open a scooter rental as a business

First, you need to understand how such a service works, as well as how to register an enterprise. In addition, you will need start-up capital to purchase equipment and rent premises.

Starting a business can be broken down into several stages:

  • drawing up a business plan;
  • company registration;
  • purchase of scooters;
  • advertising;
  • search for colleagues.

You need to think carefully about how to open a scooter rental, what unique offer your project has. The business plan should describe the details of the vehicle rental. It assesses the need for equipping garages, offices, hiring employees, and describes in detail each item of estimated costs. Also, the business plan should include forecasts for the expected profit. And in order to attract investment, you need to calculate in detail the payback period.

This is followed by the registration of the business. To officially register an enterprise, submit documents and an application to the local branch of the Federal Tax Service. An individual entrepreneur or LLC is suitable for the legal conduct of business. Please note that working without registration is fraught with heavy fines.

The purchase of equipment is the largest item of expenditure, since one fairly good scooter will cost at least 25 thousand rubles. If you don't have enough money for this, consider subletting. How to successfully open an electric scooter rental? When launching such a project, you cannot do without advertising. Create a service page that tells in detail where it is located and how you can use the rental. Place banners directly next to the rental location. Start maintaining pages on social networks so that as many people as possible know about you.

The next item in the plan is hiring employees. When organizing rental for cash, you will need an employee who will constantly be at the workplace and communicate with customers. If the rental will work through the application, developers, testers, and technical support operators will be required. In addition, craftsmen are needed for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

Depending on the specifics of the business plan, additional tasks and cost items may arise. For example, someone has to keep accounting and submit reports to the tax office. To do this, you can involve a third-party specialist.

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How much does it cost to open an electric scooter rental business

It is impossible to name a specific amount - it all depends on the details of the project, as well as the conditions in which the businessman starts. Main expense items:

  • company registration;
  • purchase of equipment and spare batteries;
  • hiring a vehicle for the transportation of electric scooters.

Here you can add office rent and utility bills, as well as employee salaries.

Before you open a scooter rental, try driving around the city yourself to see where you can get around in this way. If the road surface is poor, immediately increase the planned repair and replacement costs. Another problem is possible - in a small industrial city there is nothing to see for tourists. Then you need to rely only on local residents, offering them walks in the busiest places.