how to get 10k followers on instagram [Free]


Who doesn't know Instagram? Almost everyone knows him. Instagram is one of the most widely used social media today. 

By using Instagram, you can share moments both photos and videos. However, it's not complete if you have Instagram but few followers. Don't worry, you can use the addmefast service to get lots of followers/followers. 

How do you get 10 thousand on Instagram followers with addmefast? Check out more details on how to increase Instagram followers automatically in this article. 

Instagram that has a lot of followers will certainly be more trusted than a few followers. Especially, if you have an Instagram account for business. It is very important to have a large following to show that your account can be trusted. 

Now, there is no need to use manual methods to get lots of followers or buy followers. The addmefast tool helps you get lots of Instagram followers instantly. 

Want to know how to add Instagram followers without increasing following? Check out how to get 10 thousand Instagram followers so easily. 

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

Apparently, it's not difficult to use the addmefast tool to get Instagram followers. how to get active instagram followers? Follow these steps. 

1. Go to Addmefast Page

The first step you have to do is open the addmefast site. Then, wait for all the pages to open. Make sure your internet connection is running well and the page looks perfect.

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

2. Do the registration

Like other tools in general, you also have to register before using it. For that, click on the registration button and fill in the form provided correctly. Fill in the email, password, and captcha provided on the form. Next, click Sign up and check your email.

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

3. Check Your Email

Next, check your email and you will receive a message confirming your registration. If it's not in the inbox, you can buy it in the spam section. Then, click confirm email. 

4. Login Addmefast

After the account creation process is complete, then you can login to addmefast. Login using the account that has been created, a pop up will appear regarding the terms and conditions that must be met. Click on “i agree” and you will be directed to the user dashboard page. Here, you already have 200 free points that can be used.

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

5. Setting Needs

Next, the settings will be carried out according to the needs. Here we need Instagram followers. Then you have to set Instagram followers and use it as needed. First click add site/Page then fill it with the following guidelines: 

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram


  • Type = needs to be done, namely “instagram followers”
  • Countries = targeted countries to follow your account. 
  • Username = enter the username of the account to which the followers will be added. 
  • Total clicks= can be set on/off to limit the share status. 
  • Daily clicks= used to limit points in usage. Here you have got 200 points that can be used.
  • CPC = total points issued according to the number of followers.

Then, click save changes and the tool will start running. So, that way you have issued the CPC that is given for free. Because it uses an affiliate system, everyone who follows will get points. Otherwise, your points will decrease. Then, click save and you are ready to get additional followers.

6. Check the results

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

All processes have been passed, then you can check the site/page that has been added. That is, by clicking on my sites, the account that you have added will appear. 

The following is the description: 

  • Title = The title you entered
  • Type = the type of requirement used here “Instagram followers”
  • DCL = Number of followers that have been successfully obtained
  • TCL = number of points awarded 
  • Click = number of clicks on the added site
  • CPC = bid points entered.
  • Action = there is a play sign which means it is stopping, an equal sign means running and a gear, which is the edit site setting. 
  • Detail = to find out detailed information from the added site. 

On this page, you can check periodically. However, there is no instant thing that goes quickly. Even so, the addmefast tool is still very helpful in increasing Instagram followers. 

If you want to get 10 thousand followers, then you must have a lot of points to use as needed.

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How to Add Addmefast Points? 

For those of you who have run out of addmefast points, there is no need to be confused. Because, addmefast itself provides several ways for its users to get points. 

Moreover, the points obtained are also very abundant. Here are some ways that can be used:

1. Affiliate/Referrals

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

The Addmefast Instagram follower tool provides an affiliate program to earn points quickly. That is enough to invite someone to join addmefast using a referral code. 

In fact, you can share directly on social media that is already on the addmefast page. In addition, you can also use media in the form of banners or widgets to be installed on the blog. 

How to get payments? Very abundant! For one person you invite to join and actively use it will get 300 points. 

This method is very easy to do, especially if you have many friends who like to play social media. Guaranteed, your points are enough to make 10 thousand Instagram followers!

2. Free Points

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

The second way that can be used is to complete the free points given. If initially you were given 200 points for free now you can get it again. 

How to? Namely by helping addmefast in doing several purposes. Like doing fanpage likes, following accounts and so on.

There are at least more than 30+ actions you can do to earn free points. The points given are quite varied, ranging from 4 points to 35. 

In total, more than 500+ points can be obtained easily. The step that must be done is to login to the dashboard, and click on the free point section and start doing the action. 

3. Daily Bonus

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

Interesting ! addmefast will give 500 points every day to an active and lucky person. Moreover, for those who have been using addmefast for a long time, they will get the bonus. 

So, don't forget to be active every day!

4. Buying Points

how to get 10 thousand followers on instagram

If you don't want to bother collecting points, you can buy them right away. Buying points will certainly not be in vain because it is in accordance with the results. 

What's more, if you buy it now, you get a 20% bonus. So, the more points you get! 

How? It's not very easy to get Instagram followers. How to get 10 thousand Instagram followers using addmefast is still working today. 

However, keep using it as needed. Because, Instagram can block accounts that do this. So, what are you waiting for? Try it right now!