How to start business from scratch: where to start

How to start business from scratch

When an aspiring businessman decides to go into business, he has to deal with a huge number of problems. Before opening your own business, you need to find an idea, analyze a niche, evaluate the necessary investments and projected income.

Then you need to register a business entity, find premises and workers. After a successful launch, the project needs to be promoted and developed.

Check out the detailed step-by-step plan for a successful start and development of your own business.

What you need to know before starting a profitable business

Beginners who are wondering how to start their own business from scratch need self-confidence. Before starting a business in a particular area, you need to prepare for possible difficulties and failures. Not everything will work out the first time - you need to accept it and not give up.

To assess your own strengths and capabilities, answer a few questions:

  • If I want to open my own business, will I be able to work without other people's prompts and instructions from the outside? The success of your activity largely depends on your independence, your ability to make responsible decisions.
  • Am I ready to be a jack of all trades? At the start, it is unlikely that it will be possible to hire a staff - this requires funds. It is worth preparing to conduct accounting, independently engage in sales, accept applications, and be able to understand the software.
  • What is the size of the initial investment? Expect that any activity involves income and expenses in parallel. For the first few months, the profit will be minimal. The ideal option is, at first, to combine hired work, which allows you to receive a stable income, with your own business.
  • Will I be able to handle the failure? Before starting your own business from scratch, prepare to step out of your emotional comfort zone. Difficulties and setbacks should be taken as lessons to avoid failure next time.

It is also necessary to understand that there are very few business ideas that bring big money with minimal investment at the start. We'll have to start from real opportunities, use all the opportunities provided.

Searching for a business idea

The desire to engage in commercial activities usually arises after the idea is born. However, there are exceptions. If you don't have a project idea yet, rely on your own experience, knowledge or interests. It is unlikely that you will succeed where you do not know at least the basics.

The ideal option is to develop in a field in which you have already worked as an employee. Such experience will allow you to understand every stage of the future enterprise. When engaging in completely new activities, the chances of success are reduced.

The idea should be interesting: the business will have to devote work and free time. The sources for the creation of the concept are:

  • shortage of products or services;
  • changes in laws, fashion trends and market situations;
  • new products - improved versions of goods and services already available on the market;
  • study of foreign cases and trends.

It is not necessary to come up with a unique idea; copying competitors is also not worth it. When targeting leaders, think about the differences from existing offerings, about ways to stand out. Even with a solid start-up capital, don't start with a big project. Start small, gradually expanding your business.

Niche and market analysis

Before starting a business from scratch, you need to test the idea for viability. Be sure to define:

  • The need of potential customers for a product. Research the market, analyze demand, supply, strengths and weaknesses of goods, services. Look at the offers of competitors, evaluate the pros and cons of their products, services, promotion, define your own niche.
  • Target audience - a circle of consumers interested in your proposal. Specify the need that the product can satisfy. Imagine a potential client - his age, gender, income level, social status. Understand the problems and desires of the audience, identify situations in which your proposal will be useful.
  • Points of sale. Decide whether you will sell exclusively online or open a physical office. Decide on the sales region, location of the store, office, warehouse, showroom. Consider delivery methods.
  • The price category of the product. Evaluate the audience's solvency, calculate the period for which the investment can actually be recouped. Find a break-even point - calculate monthly expenses, find out how much you need to sell in order to completely cover expenses.

When thinking about how to open a business, where to start, consult with experts. Specialists in a particular field and successful business owners who can share their experience and talk about the nuances of doing business can be found at industry conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.

Refer to search engines. Special services such as Google Ads and Yandex.Wordstat will help assess audience requests, the need for various goods and services.

The next step is drawing up a business plan. Its mandatory points:

  • description of the project (name, organizational and legal form, statutory fund, sources of investment, taxation system);
  • information about goods, services;
  • market analysis;
  • marketing and production plan;
  • personnel information;
  • financial calculations - costs, planned revenue, monthly expenses, etc.

Don't look for a ready-made business plan, develop a strategy for your own product. The more you work through each item, the better your chances of success.

Finding money for business

Even knowing how to open their own business, entrepreneurs are not always able to invest the required amount, which will allow the project to start. There are several ways to raise money for your business:

  • take a loan for development from a bank;
  • take advantage of government support programs;
  • borrow from friends or relatives.

Another option is to attract an investor to start a business. It may be a company that is interested in your product, but for some reason does not develop this direction on its own. For example, a large retail chain might be offered to become a delivery service investor on the condition that you deliver purchases to their customers.

The best option to start is to open a business with minimal investment for your own funds or with a small loan.

Registration of a business entity

Having decided how to open your business and where to start in the first place, proceed to the next step - registering an enterprise. To conduct commercial activities, you can open an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

When submitting a package of necessary documents to open a business, immediately select the required taxation system:

  • simplified - suitable for small businesses, individual entrepreneurs;
  • general - all accounting is carried out in full;
  • patent - suitable for individual entrepreneurs, provides for restrictions (type of activity, number of employees, total income);
  • UTII (single tax on imputed income) - also has restrictions on the number of employees (no more than 100), requires its own premises in any region except Moscow.

To choose the appropriate option, study the current legislation or order an accounting consultation.

Testing an idea

When you already know how to start your own business with minimal costs and have decided where to start, test the sales. This can be done for free - register an account on Avito or other similar resources. You can also create a landing page, launch contextual advertising in Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, order SEO-promotion of your resource.

Evaluate how the demand meets your expectations, how much time and money is spent on delivery and advertising. Based on this information, adjust the business plan by adding more accurate numbers to it and analyze it again.

Testing will show the weaknesses of your business idea, whether there is a seasonality of demand, whether any additional costs are needed.


Knowing how to start a business and being able to start a business from scratch is not enough to make a profit. For the development of offline and online services, it is necessary to work out an advertising strategy.

Advertising is not only an attractive sign or billboard throughout the city, but also promotion in search engines. Internet promotion includes:

  • contextual and targeted advertising;
  • search engine optimization;
  • placing information about the company in online directories;
  • content marketing;
  • email newsletters.


Business development means:

  • expanding the geography of sales;
  • increasing the range of goods;
  • provision of additional services;
  • coverage of related areas.

If the enterprise will work stably, do not stop at one stage, develop the business further. Open a chain of stores, cafes, salons, create your own franchise. Otherwise, even a successful project, without developing, will decline.

Examples of business ideas for starting

Before you open your business, assess your own capabilities, interests, study trends. A serious approach, passion for the project will help to achieve success. We propose to consider universal ideas that do not lose their relevance at any time.

Sale of goods from China

The resale activity will allow you to earn money thanks to the mark-up, which sometimes reaches 300%. Choose the most convenient trading option: dropshipping, wholesales, opening an online store or offline point.

Real estate rental or hotel business

If you have your own apartment or house, you can rent out a property or open a mini-hotel. Such accommodation options are popular among tourists, because they are more comfortable than large hotels. Guests feel at home and have a better rest.

Beauty saloon

A beauty business is a great option to start from scratch. The master will receive the first clients working from home. Further development path - renting premises for opening a salon and expanding the range of services.

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Car service

The business idea of ​​opening a service station is suitable for repairmen. Services are in demand in cities and towns. You can start in the garage by opening a small tire fitting or wheel alignment. It is recommended to gradually purchase additional equipment, expanding the service.

Construction and repair services

Construction or renovation work is always in demand. The choice of direction depends on the region, the knowledge and skills of the founder, as well as the start-up capital. You can start with part-time jobs from home. Advertise that you are ready to fix wiring, replace pipes or plaster walls quickly and with a guarantee. Over time, you can hire assistants and open a full-fledged office.