List of 50 Most Profitable Small Businesses


Hey! In this article, we have compiled a list of 50 most profitable small businesses that will be relevant this year. From sewing bed linen and making homemade cheeses to online courses and auto-matching. Choose what is closer, and good start in your business!

list of most profitable small businesses

1. Online courses

list of most profitable small businesses

Online courses are becoming more and more popular every year. It is convenient to receive knowledge from lecturers from anywhere in the world without leaving your home. For such a business, you need to be an expert in your field and have enough knowledge to share it with people.

Technically, the process is not difficult at all - you need a laptop or computer, good internet and time to prepare for online meetings. It is necessary to decide on the platform on which the training will be conducted. You may need to invest in the services of a designer to design and promote the course.

The most popular topics for teaching via Internet programming, sales, foreign languages, women's practices and personal care. It is important to present your knowledge not immediately, but gradually, breaking it down into several thematic blocks. This way you can attract more interested people. The profit will depend on the size of the audience, the qualifications of the teacher and the chosen direction.

2. Point of issue of orders

list of most profitable small businesses

More and more people are shopping and selling online now. Therefore, opening your own point of issue of orders can bring a stable income. To start a business, you need a small space, shelves for goods, and a computer with internet access.

At the start, it is important to work with the list of partner stores. They should be popular in your community. The most demanded goods are clothing and footwear, appliances, cosmetics, things and toys for children.

3. TikTok - developing your own account

list of most profitable small businesses

TikTok is a popular social network with a huge number of active users. More than 800 million people watch videos here every day. This is an entertainment platform where people come to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And this project can be a great way of income. To do this, you need to create and popularize your own account.

It is important to define the target audience and its needs. With the analysis and monitoring done, you can start creating content. You need to understand - what does the public want to see by subscribing to you? The answer to this question will become the concept of your resource that you will need to adhere to. Likes, reposts, comments, PR will help in promoting the channel. When the account becomes popular, it will be possible to place ads on it and thus make a profit.

4. Preparation and delivery of healthy food

list of most profitable small businesses

Helping people to eat right. If you have such a desire, you can turn it into a business. Food can be prepared and delivered. As a rule, there are not so many competitors in this niche yet. Although there is a demand for this service in cities.

A small room and the purchase of the necessary kitchen utensils will serve as a start for a business. It is better to compose the menu after preliminary research of the needs of customers from your target audience. You can cook on your own or by hiring a good chef. In this matter, it is very important that it is not only useful, but also tasty - so that the customer wants to use the service again.

To attract buyers, create social media groups with motivating posts and build customer feedback.

5. Shop on Instagram

list of most profitable small businesses

Instagram is not only an entertainment platform, but also a platform for making money. If you know what products are in demand and know how to present them profitably, then you should try to open an online store. The most important thing is to find what products to sell.

When registering an account, you must select the type of category "Business", come up with a name and description. Then you can start promoting and filling with content. Do not forget about promotions, discounts, which will help to retain customers. It is also important to be creative and not get lost in the mass of Instagram stores.

6. Organization of fitness or yoga tours

list of most profitable small businesses

By connecting sports with recreation, you can open your own business. The bottom line is simple - travel arrangements for people involved in fitness or yoga. They will be able to visit various interesting places on the planet, combining business with pleasure. For this, it is necessary to find qualified trainers who will conduct classes with groups. If possible, they should also travel as escorts.

The development of such a business requires knowledge of how to organize trips and the ability to negotiate with travel companies.

7. Hand-painted shoes

list of most profitable small businesses

One of the interesting hand-made directions. You can start a business if you have certain talents in painting or graphic arts. An entrepreneurial artist, with the ability to promote his services, can make money using the knowledge and skills of arts and crafts.

The plus is that there is no limit in the price of such goods - there would be demand. But looking for customers will have to spend time and, possibly, some funds.

One of the essential advantages of such a business is that you do not need to rent a room to start, you can create at home.

8. YouTube channel

list of most profitable small businesses

The YouTube channel is not only an entertainment service, but also a wide platform for business. With the help of your channel, you can conduct paid webinars and master classes.

If you have at least 1000 subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel and receive passive income. There are several ways to make money. For example, on ad impressions. True, there is a condition - over the past year, you need to have at least four thousand hours of viewing on your channel.

Promoted bloggers can carry out direct advertising - using direct inserts into the video. For beginners, the option of income on "affiliate programs" is more suitable. In this case, a product is shown in the video, and affiliate links are placed in the description below it. By clicking on them or making purchases, viewers bring income to the channel owner.

It is believed that Russian bloggers earn several times less than European and American ones. On average, in Russia, you can get 1 dollar for 1000 views. But sometimes earnings range from $ 0.25 to $ 4. It all depends on the subject matter, target audience, advertiser and the popularity of the host himself.

9. Barbershop

list of most profitable small businesses

In recent years, a wave of popularity of barbershops has swept across Russia. This suggests that the stronger sex is ready to pay for quality service in purely male establishments. As a rule, expensive tools and cosmetics are used here, there is a comfortable seating area and a bar.

To open it, you need to find a suitable premises, hire personnel and purchase equipment. It is necessary to analyze the market and adhere to the correct pricing policy. Startup advertising and positioning are important. You can also purchase an existing project and customize it for yourself.

10. Photo studio

list of most profitable small businesses

Nowadays, almost everyone has a camera on their phone. But photo studios are still in demand. People come there to capture themselves in a beautiful appearance and unusual interior. This differs the studio from the photo studio, where they take pictures for documents and print images on T-shirts. This is a different kind of business.

As for this project, first you need to decide what services you will provide, and also analyze the market. And, based on this, draw up a business plan. You can rent the premises to photographers, or you can hire your own employee.

In large cities there is a large selection of photo studios with original interiors. Therefore, your task is either to create something unique, or to attract a client with a large number of different backgrounds. This is convenient for customers - in one place you can capture yourself in different roles.

Opening a photo studio can cost you from 300 thousand to 3 million rubles. This includes the purchase of high-quality equipment: light sources, synchronizers, stands, etc., and, of course, the decoration of the premises.

11. Installation of postamat

The installation of checkpoints is becoming popular in cities and towns. Increasingly, they can be found not only in shopping centers, but also in shops near the house. Coming for bread and milk, a person picks up his parcel on the way. It can also be installed in a residential complex by concluding a lease agreement.

Research confirms that, on average, a consumer spends no more than 15 minutes to receive a package. The buyer can pick up the product at any time while maintaining the confidentiality of his purchase.

It is possible to start the business of installing parcel terminals on a franchise basis without additional investments. Such a project can become a profitable business, but if there is support from the logistics operator.

12. Shop of nuts and dried fruits

Nowadays, more and more people take care of their health, giving preference to natural vegetarian products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits. However, the rest are not averse to gnawing nuts with dates.

Your own store can generate a steady income if you open it near potential customers, for example, in educational institutions or business centers. Students will actively buy nuts and dried fruits during recess. And office workers, probably knowing about the benefits of these products, will willingly line up for goods. A special plus of your outlet will be ready-to-eat sets of nuts and dried fruits that have already been washed and dried.

A small space will be enough for this business. Do not be lazy to find a bona fide seller and establish connections with suppliers.

13. Selling goods on Avito

Avito is the largest bulletin board. With the help of it, you can not only find a job or buy a house, but also sell goods. Such a business can be both the main source of income and an additional one. The plus is that trading on this site does not require investment. The level of sales and the level of income depend on the season - some products are more in demand in summer, and others in winter.

14. Tattoo salon

Permanent make-up is a procedure due to which a woman may not use cosmetics for several months, or even years. The bottom line is that dyes are injected into the surface layers of the skin. The main areas where tattooing is done are eyebrows, eyes, lips. The convenience of this procedure has been appreciated all over the world. However, trends in the world of beauty are changing, and with the advent of fashion for naturalness, the boom of such salons has subsided somewhat.

But with a good analysis of the market and work with a client base, you can find your niche and audience in this business. Continuous professional development will be a good help in development. In addition to tattooing, permanent make-up, microblading and simple henna dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes are often in demand in salons. If you decide to tackle this option, be prepared to quickly retrain for new trends.

To organize such a project, you will have to invest in a renovated room or rent it with the necessary equipment for procedures.

15. Coworking center

With the increase in the number of people working remotely, coworking centers have become popular. They are arranged like an anti-cafe, but are intended solely for work. This is a kind of office.

Having bought out the premises and created a comfortable business atmosphere for clients, the entrepreneur receives a rental fee. Visitors can group by interests, hold business meetings and do their job.

This business line is not as popular in Russia as it is in the West. Therefore, there are not many competitors yet. It is better to organize coworking centers in large cities in order to quickly reimburse costs and get a decent profit. With the popularity of telecommuting, the business perspective will only increase.

16. Video and photography

Armed with a camera or camera, you can safely start your own business. The greatest profit comes from shooting weddings and other celebrations. For successful work, you need to prepare a portfolio of quality work and set a competitive price tag. If you already have experience in photography or video shooting and have good equipment, then you will have to spend only on advertising - so that as many people as possible learn about your services.

To take orders, you do not have to rent a room. You can do it at home, and meet with clients, for example, in a cafe.

17. Making healthy sweets

Sweets aren't always harmful. After all, natural products can be used for manufacturing: dried fruits, nuts, honey, etc.

It is important to find your buyer. Social networks, especially Instagram, can be good helpers in this - you will need to regularly upload attractive photos of delicious sweets and set up ads so that as many customers as possible can see it. You can also look for potential buyers in fitness centers or yoga clubs.

It is worth making sure that you have a wide assortment - think over sets, mixes with different tastes in advance. For this kind of business, it is important to establish regularity of deliveries so that quality goods arrive on time.

18. Production of cold-pressed oils at home

Butter is one of the most indispensable foods in the kitchen. The volume of manufactured products is growing every year. The cold-pressed oil business at home is completely independent of the season and will generate income at any time of the year.

For production, you will need a separator for separating the cake and a press. The finished oil is poured into containers.

Thus, at home, you can produce a natural product without artificial impurities. Due to the high demand, it will not be difficult to find a buyer. You can offer goods on ad sites, through social networks, or organize points at fairs, markets.

19. Organization of excursions

Organization of excursions is a business suitable for active people who love history, travel and communication with people. To start your own business, you do not need large investments and office rent. You just need to evaluate the tourist features in your own city or region.

Organizing excursions is within the power of someone who has deep knowledge and is able to attract potential tourists. Having formed individual offers, you can arrange historical and cultural walks around the city, jeeping (by car), bike tours and ecotours (in nature).

20. Apiary

A business that does not require large investments at the start and pays off in six months. It is necessary to purchase bees, equipment, and special clothing. It is best to organize an apiary close to melliferous plants, so the yield will be higher. Honey can be sold at markets and fairs, in an online store and through social networks.

If you wish, you can agree on deliveries to the nearest cafes and cookery for making sweets. Or you can create your own unique honey product and advertise your own apiary along the way. If your honey is of really high quality and at an adequate price, then advertising will not be needed - your acquaintances, friends, neighbors and work colleagues will become clients.

21. Tool rental

Buying an expensive tool at a time is a waste of money. In addition, there are people who are ready to use the rental with daily payment. Such a phenomenon in business and economics has a name - sharing, from English to shаre - "to share". Some experts argue that the future belongs to the sharing economy. It will take some time, and more and more people realize that it is impractical to keep a rarely used tool, it is better to rent it.

You can rent a point for rental in any area where there are residential buildings. It is better to open a business in the summer. During this period, you can count on a larger flow of customers. For a start, even your own garage may be suitable, if it is located in an accessible place. Just arrange to make it look attractive.

22. Autoparsing

Another idea of ​​a profitable business can be auto-parsing. The process consists of disassembling cars and selling auto parts. You can purchase equipment from those who have been in an accident and do not want to deal with its restoration. Also, cars can be bought at auctions at an even lower price. A land plot outside the city or your own garage is suitable for doing business. In this project of earnings, it is advisable to cooperate with other "auto dismantlers", offering their spare parts and receiving income from a margin.

23. Cleaning of apartments

Cleaning service is in demand at any time. After all, cleaning is required every day, and not from time to time.

You can start a business small - offer cleaning services to individuals, for example, residents of large country houses and cottages. This option requires minimal investment in the form of detergents, gloves, vacuum cleaner, mop. Good for beginners. To get more profit, it is worth offering services to companies.

24. Sale of cotton candy

Both adults and children love her. For this project, you just need to purchase a special apparatus. During the cooking process, you can use a variety of food colors and flavors to attract more attention from passers-by. As a rule, such purchases are made spontaneously and emotionally.

Care should be taken to ensure that the selling point is bright and attractive. It is necessary to settle down in crowded places, for example, in a circus, parks, shopping centers.

25. Shop of unusual sweets (from other countries)

Unusual shapes, bright packaging and delicious fillings attract the eyes of even adherents of healthy eating. What can we say about those who do not really follow the figure, it is difficult for them to resist an attractive showcase with overseas goodies.

To start a business selling sweets from other countries, you need to decide on the suppliers. The product can be sold online by creating an account with attractive photos, or by opening a small store.

26. Cutting and sewing courses

Cutting and sewing courses are a great business idea for women on maternity leave or those who love to sew. Many people prefer to wear exclusive things, someone needs to dress children, but they grow quickly ... There are many reasons to learn how to sew, so courses may be in demand.

To teach people, you need to be able to express your thoughts clearly and be a mentor in practice. To start, you need to rent a room, purchase several sewing machines, tables and chairs. In the future, expenses will be required for promotion, as well as for the purchase of consumables (fabrics, threads, etc.).

27. AutoFit

Buying used cars for ordinary people is a huge problem, because few people have enough experience to appreciate a car. You can become a good specialist and sell expert opinions. Potential customers can be found through contextual advertising and ads on Avito. Such a business does not require start-up capital and office rent. The main thing is to have a deep knowledge of automotive topics and be able to go out to help customers.

28. Making handmade wooden dishes

Cabinetmakers, joiners and woodcutters can try their hand at the handcrafted wooden tableware business. Many people appreciate the naturalness of the materials. In addition, environmental friendliness is in fashion.

You can organize a business in your own apartment by setting up a mini-workshop or garage in one of the rooms. To start a project, you need to purchase wood and tools (cutters, grinder, etc.). You can sell products at fairs, gift shops, online stores and social networks.

29. Sewing bed linen

Sewing bed linen is a good business option for a housewife. You can implement the idea with the help of a high-quality sewing machine, a promoted account on a social network and wholesale buyers. It is worth giving preference to natural fabrics that do not fade during washing and retain their appearance for a long time.

Having created your own brand, you can make kits based on the personal preferences of customers, but at a higher price. When ordering linen individually, a person expects good quality. Satisfied customers will tell their friends and acquaintances about you.

30. Making raw food sweets to order

Raw food sweets (cakes, pastries, sweets) are the perfect treat for dieters. You will not find them in every store; not everyone succeeds in cooking themselves. And from time to time I want to please myself and loved ones. In addition, fashion does its own thing - sweets without baking and using dairy products are becoming popular.

Making money off raw desserts requires learning how to cook and decorate.

For cooking, you need a powerful blender and fresh ingredients. Products can be sold through health food stores, cafes, and on Instagram.

31. Shugaring salon

At all times, women have sought to get rid of excess body hair. The most elaborate methods were used. The most popular these days are wax, sugar and laser. The shugaring procedure - sugar depilation - has taken root well in the world of cosmetic services. Women are satisfied with the price / quality ratio, pain threshold, and besides, there are not so many contraindications for this method.

With the skill of hair removal, you can open your own salon. To do this, it is better to rent a room and decorate it comfortably - clients will be pleased to be there. It is best to find it in the city center. To purchase consumables, you need to find suppliers.

32. Making herbal teas

The hobby of picking herbs can also become a business. Nowadays, there are enough people, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, who do not consume black, green tea and coffee, but prefer natural herbal drinks. But not in every store you can find an environmentally friendly collection of mint, oregano, chamomile and other herbs collected and prepared by hand. You can give people love and care for the price of a box of homemade tea.

33. Production of frameless furniture

Frameless furniture is a creative idea and an idea for a business. To start in this business, you need a small room. Your own apartment will not work, since the beanbag filler is very light and scatters everywhere - it is unlikely that the family and neighbors will appreciate it. You will have to invest in sewing equipment and consumables (fabric, filler).

In this direction, you can show your design skills, but it is necessary to take into account the individual wishes of clients.

34. Making wooden toys

Natural materials, including wood, have a warm energy, which is why children are very fond of wooden toys. Adults, by the way, also prefer them - after all, it's not scary to give an eco-friendly toy to your child. Products made from such materials have practically no shelf life.

The main thing in organizing such a business is the ability to work with wood. It is necessary to purchase blanks and related equipment (grinder, saw, etc.). You can sell your products in an online store, through social networks or special ad platforms (Avito, Yula, etc.).

35. Private psychologist

To organize a business in the field of psychology, you need appropriate education and deep knowledge. For meetings with clients, you can rent a small office, or receive them at home. You can also consult online. This requires a computer or laptop and Internet access.

If you decide to become a professional psychologist and go into private practice, try to take care of your charges, even if they do not currently have the funds to consult you. Ask "How are you?" and smiling as a sign of support is worthless, but dearly appreciated. Often, regular customers come from word of mouth. It also makes sense for a private practice to create their own website and groups on social networks.

36. Services of movers and handymen

It is profitable to be a loader, because most people and organizations need cargo transportation and the services of handymen. Every day people move from one place to another and they need help.

You can work both alone and in an independently formed team. You can offer your services on the classifieds website. For productive work, the team should be provided with the necessary equipment. The demand for services is high, especially during the warm season.

37. Survival courses

To open courses on survival, you need to have knowledge in this area and be a real professional. Business does not require investment. The bottom line is to monetize your own idea and can have several directions. For the theoretical part, you can rent a small room. For practice, you can arrange daily classes or a series of workshops in nature, purchasing tents and the necessary accessories. It is better to create an account on Instagram and upload photos and videos from trainings in it.

38. Production of homemade cheeses

Agricultural commodities can generate a stable income. There will always be buyers for a quality product. To start a homemade cheese making business, you need to study the manufacturing process, find good recipes, and monitor the quality. You may or may not need a cheese maker, depending on the recipes chosen.

A home product can be marketed through an online store or sold on the market. If you treat friends and acquaintances, then it is likely that there will be nothing to bear for sale - relatives will buy up.

39. "Husband for an hour"

Such a business can generate at least a small, but constant income. Not every person takes up household work. Some people prefer to pay for manual labor.

To organize this kind of activity, it is important to be able to do housework with high quality. You can start with private trips. Gradually, having gained a client base, you can open your own workshop. In addition to online advertising, it will be effective to post advertisements about their services at the entrances.

40. Dry cleaning of carpets

Cleaning services are not losing their popularity. Few people like to clean themselves, so you can safely start a carpet cleaning business.

Before starting, you need to monitor the market for potential customers and competitors. To get started, you need a small start-up capital. For a beginner, it is best to purchase inexpensive equipment and do field work on the client's site in order to avoid unnecessary costs. In the future, you can purchase your own premises, or rent it, and thus develop the project.

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41. Home atelier

Sew, hem, repair ... Such services are in demand everywhere. If you have the skills of a cutter, tailor, seamstress, and designer, you can open your own home atelier and help people dress beautifully, stylishly and comfortably. To begin with, in addition to a free working room, you will need equipment: a sewing machine, an overlock, a steam generator, a mannequin, a mirror, a stand and various little things. If you take everything from scratch, you will need about 100-150 thousand rubles.

To promote your business, post images of finished outfits on the model and ask clients to share photos in your products on your pages.

42. Organization of events

A major celebration in our time is not complete without the help of event companies. Creative employees think over the concept of the event, cultural program, design, and select a host.

To start a business in this area, you need to assemble a team of creative people. Employees must understand the technologies of sound, light, design, and also must be able to hear the wishes of the customer. Best paid for corporate parties. In his activity, an entrepreneur can choose one or several directions.

The event business has its own seasonality, which, in turn, can greatly affect profitability. For example, on New Year's Eve or in the summer, the flow of applications can be much higher.

43. Tattoo parlor

There are people who like to decorate their bodies with images, but they are rather in the minority. If you are going to start a tattoo business, assess the demand and competition in your locality, because this is not a mass institution, unlike a cafe or shop.

At the start, there is no need to build a team, you can work alone as a tattoo artist. You have created a good reputation for your salon - you set a higher price tag for services. If you wish, you can earn extra money teaching the art of tattooing and selling equipment to those who want to start a similar business.

44. Healthy food store

A correct lifestyle is in vogue today, and more and more people are switching to a healthy diet, but healthy products can not be bought in every store. Therefore, such a business is, in principle, in demand.

A small room is required to open. The point should be chosen in a busy place. You can also stay in shopping malls or near fitness clubs. Feedback from customers, discounts and advertising will help you build a permanent customer base faster.

The assortment should contain only fresh and healthy food. Keep track of the expiration date and composition. It is important to comply with sanitary standards and keep the rented premises clean.

45. Breeding thoroughbred animals

When running a pedigree animal breeding business, it is important to understand the fashion for a particular breed. You can easily find the rating for dogs and cats on the Internet, and you can also see the average price there. To establish yourself as a conscientious breeder, it is important to purchase animals for breeding in a nursery, with documents and vaccinations. You can find potential buyers for posterity through ad sites and social networks.

Breeding thoroughbred animals is a costly process. In addition to high-quality nutrition, you will need vitamins, medicines, accessories, etc. It is important to highlight a large room in the form of an aviary. It is best if the breeder lives in a spacious private house.

46. ​​Shawarma

Shawarma is a popular type of fast food that you can use for a quick snack. And it will be cheaper than McDonald's burgers. To open your own business, you will need a small office and several shift workers. Such a business requires investments in the pavilion, the organization of the kitchen space and the necessary fixtures. When choosing a location, it is important to pay attention to traffic, the location of workers and educational institutions. The higher the traffic, the more potential customers. Ideally, there should be no competitors in the vicinity at all.

47. Shop of professional cosmetics

The services of hairdressers, makeup artists and nail specialists are always popular. Masters use professional cosmetics that can only be found in specialized stores. Selling funds for work, you can provide yourself with regular customers.

To open a business, you will need a room, the purchase of equipment for work, racks and employees. When choosing suppliers, it is best to rely on databases that trade in small wholesale. They usually provide certificates and product composition. By creating a store website, in addition to professionals, you can also attract ordinary customers.

48. Paintings to order from photographs

Everyone has a photo, but not everyone has a picture from a photo. The essence of the business is that a person sends a picture, and a designer draws a picture on it using a program and a graphic tablet. Unusual ideas and individual approach can attract customers, provided there is good advertising.

You can work both in your city and in other regions by sending orders by mail. It is important for the conveyor business to establish cooperation with a delivery service and a printing studio. In the future, it is better to purchase your own printing press. An additional service can be the decoration of a picture or image in a baguette frame.

49. Manufacturing of furniture for animals

Most owners love pets so much that they are ready to buy furniture for them. A profitable business can be built on the manufacture of pet products. You can even do it at home. All you need is the purchase of the necessary consumables and the skill of tinkering.

To begin with, drawings for furniture can be found on the Internet, and then you can develop your own. To find out the relevance of a particular item, you can consult with the seller at the pet store. Finished furniture can be sold online or sold through retail outlets.

50. Machine polishing

The service of polishing the body and headlights of cars may well exist as a separate business. For such a business, expensive equipment and special equipment are not needed. You can polish your car in a small garage. Due to low costs, it is possible to establish competitive prices and stay on the market, even if similar services are already provided in the nearest car services.

You can become a polisher yourself, because the process does not require complex skills. If you do the work yourself, there is a chance to offer the buyer the lowest possible price, fast terms and high quality. Over time, to speed up the process, it will make sense to hire assistants.