7 tips on how to become a good debt collector

how to be a good debt collector

Of course it is very upsetting if someone owes us a debt, but it has not been paid. On the other hand, we are also often confused about how to collect debts that are good and not offensive.

When we lend money to others, we actually mean well, which is to help.

But not infrequently, borrowers of money forget their debts.

We also want friends or relatives who are in debt to pay off their debts immediately.

Indeed, when we collect debt, we often do not have the heart, but at the same time we also need the money.

Therefore, we need to be firm in terms of collecting debts.

Firmness certainly does not have to use a high-pitched and angry tone when collecting debts.

Are you still confused about how to collect a good debt without getting angry or ruining friendships?

Let's follow how to collect the following good debt!

how to be a good debt collector

1. Remind Debt Payment Deadline

Usually before giving a loan of money, we certainly ask when a friend or relative who borrowed money will repay the debt.

Remember these deadlines, so that we are more comfortable when collecting debts.

Bill at the time the borrower promised.

When the deadline comes, you don't have to remind them while angry, so that your friendship is not damaged.

One good way to collect debt is to tell him that you need the money.

2. Make a Written Agreement

Actually debt agreements between friends or relatives are based on trust.

But it's better if you make a black and white agreement letter so that the agreement is more binding, especially if the amount of money borrowed is large.

In the letter, write down the amount of money you borrowed, how to pay it (cash or installments), and the payment deadline.

With this letter, you will be more comfortable when collecting debts.

3. Discuss with his family

If you are close enough to the family of a friend or relative who is borrowing money, visit their family.

When visiting his family's house, tell them carefully about the beginning of the problem.

Then ask your parents, brother, or sister about the solution for paying the debt.

In this case, the most important thing is that there is good faith from the borrower's family to pay off the debt.

4. Tell Your Needs

One effective way to collect debt is to make the borrower sympathize.

Tell them frankly that you need the money.

Also tell me the problem you are facing, so you need the money.

Example: “Bro, I need the money to repair my motorbike. If my motorbike breaks down, I can't ride a motorbike anymore,”

5. Asking a Third Party for Help

If you are too hesitant to collect debts directly, you can collect debts through third parties.

The third party can be anyone, friends, relatives, co-workers, and others.

Most importantly, the third party must know the lender and the borrower.

In addition, the third party must be a person who is respected by the borrower of money, so that his words will be heard.

Collect debts properly so as not to damage the relationship between the lender and the borrower of money.

6. Go to his residence

This is an option that you can do if the five methods above don't work.

Come to his house wherever he lives.

Talk carefully, when he can pay off his debt.

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7. Collect Debt via WhatsApp

If the above method is not effective for collecting debts, you can use the method of collecting debts via WhatsApp.

When using the instant messaging application, you can insinuate it subtly.

Those are tips on how to be a good debt collector, hopefully useful, thank you.