Recommended Official Money Making Photo App


Apps that sell photos for money are very useful in this digital age. How not, almost everyone (especially young people) has a smartphone with a clear camera. Take full advantage of your smartphone camera and you'll get the same or better photo quality than a digital camera.

From this opportunity, you need a place to sell it. There are many apps for beginners to make money selling photos, available in app stores like Google Play Store and App Store. But among the dozens of applications available, which one is the best?

Applications that meet good standards include:

a) Application for the sale of certified photos for payment, where the payment process varies. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or recurring payments at the request of the user (user).

b) The user interface of the mobile app is friendly and easy to use. In this case, it also refers to full functionality in the active state.

c) No bugs, bugs, or bad news about the app. Yes, the reviews of other users who have used it are very important to you.

So, what applications are included in the good standards from the standard level above?

Recommended Official Money-Making Photo App

Recommended legal and official apps for selling photos online for beginners. In this way, creators and photographers can use their talents and interests more freely.

1. Shutterstock Contributor

Shutterstock is a world-renowned platform and as such offers multiple photo sales channels. You can install this Android photo-selling app directly on your device. Shutterstock is based on stock photos, some of which are uploaded and downloaded.

Photographers at Shutterstock Contributor are paid between 15% and 40%, depending on their level. You can sell not only photos but also illustrations and short films! So Shutterstock is great for all photographers.

2. iStock Photo

When searching for photos on the site, you may see promotions/ads for iStock. Yes, iStock is a huge money-making photo app. However, prior approval is required to join as an iStock contributor.

iStock pays photographers anywhere from 15% to 45%, but we know that the photos here sell well. Therefore, iStock is more focused on accepting professional photographers and taking photos of exceptional quality.

In addition to those third-party applications (applications that unite sellers and buyers). You can create your own website to sell your photos, as well as your portfolio as a professional photographer!

Tricks Using Money-Making Photo Apps

For those of you who have chosen the earning photo sales application above and then decided to use it. Apply these simple tips for beginners!

1. Identify Your Niche or Photography Interest

Features are key first. For example, you are very interested in photomicrography. So when someone searches for a microphoto, your account is the first reference. Defining a niche focus also gives you a deeper understanding than anyone else!

Don't worry, if you're really serious, it won't stop. You can grow into another niche that is still relevant or has the same connection prospects. For example, once the micro-photography niche has developed, you might try wildlife photography or something like that.

2. Obey the application platform rules

There must be rules (terms and conditions) for apps that sell photos for money. Basically, it's a good idea to let users know about the terms and conditions of the app you're using. Rules here, on the other hand, refer to a broader term.

So, know all the rules of a photographer's earnings percentage, commission, payment system, violations, exclusivity, inclusion, etc.

3. Attract a wider audience

By knowing the rules above, you can be more flexible and know which limits are acceptable and which are not. It's just a matter of adding more viewers for your photos to sell. Along the way, use popular keywords, hashtags, relevant photos, social media promotions, and additional donations.

The process of adding an audience cannot be done overnight and can take weeks or even months. While optimizing your photo products, you can keep uploading the latest quality photos in the best money-making photo apps.